Amanda Valentina Independent Dinner Date Escort

About Me 

“Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us, but we can’t strike them all by ourselves.”

 — Laura Esquivel

Ladies, Gentlemen and Couples:

Would you like to know more about me?

My name is Amanda Valentina. An intelligent, optimistic, well-travelled international escort, escort mentor and dining companion. I live and breathe life, adventure and conversation. I adore my choice of vocation, and enjoy nothing more than becoming acquainted with like-minded individuals from around the globe.

Your age, ethnicity or religion is of no consequence. Respectful behaviour and common courtesy are of paramount importance to me. I value manners, mindfulness and integrity above all else and have zero tolerance for rude, inappropriate or time-wasting behaviour. Those individuals possessing a zest for life; who have a thirst for knowledge; who seek to enhance life’s journey by exposing themselves to new people and environments are those I best connect with. I am an authentic communicator who prefers to keep it real.

I’m frequently told by people that they immediately feel relaxed in my company, likening me to a long-lost lover or friend. I’m a multi-faceted, confident and engaging woman who encourages authentic conversation and uncensored sexual expression. I am passionate, inquisitive and nurturing – I give 110% to my business and clients because I love what I do. Quality takes precedence over quantity, therefore, my priority is to foster mutually respectful, professional relationships with a select number of clients only.

My body is best described as fit-feminine. I’m petite with an athletic physique, yet curvy in all the right places. My weekly exercise regime comprises F45 classes, bike rides and 10km adventure power-walks. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle promotes wellbeing and wellness – the keystones to being the best possible version of myself, both physically and mentally, so my diet is a healthy one. If you follow me on my Twitter or Instagram you would already know a lot about me. 

Impromptu activities, excursions and conversations are food for my soul. Having travelled the globe extensively, I’ve mastered the art of making friends wherever I go and enjoy connecting through sharing life experience conversation and engaging in intelligent conversation. I savour all that life has to offer and enjoy home cooking, arthouse films, food, festivals, galleries, fine dining, bike riding, musicals, wineries, live-music performances and more. Our adventures together will never be a bore. For me, life is a fun-filled adventure ride.

Amanda Valentina

Amanda Valentina