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Deposit Policy

Amanda Valentina is famously known for her 10-minute deposit policy, so please be ready to make a payment when the booking particulars have been finalised. 

The deposit required is $440 per hour for bookings of 4 hours or less, and is fixed at 60% (of the booking fee) for extended dates of 4 hours or more. Amanda requires full advance payment for all escort-mentoring sessions. 

Deposits and/or fixed-rate payments are non-refundable should you cancel the booking. No-shows will result in Amanda unwilling to reschedule, unless a full cancellation fee is forthcoming. COVID-19 lockdowns aside, in the unlikely event that Amanda cancels a pre-booked date, you will receive a full refund of any monies paid and within a 72-hour period.  

Amanda operates as a registered business with an ABN and ACN and, as such, deposit payments are paid into her business account. Deposits are non-negotiable, and Amanda will disengage with you should you express an unwillingness to make payment of same. Time is a limited resource! In order to legitimise your enquiry, payment of a deposit is regarded as a sign your willingness to honour your booking commitment. 

Deposits can be paid via the following methods:

1) Electronic funds transfer (EFT); 
2) Cash deposit (over counter);
3) Smart ATM cash deposit.

Online gift cards are acceptable forms of deposit payments in some circumstances. 

Once booking particulars have been finalised Amanda will provide you with the information required for actioning the deposit payment. Please ensure you only use the alpha numerical code that Amanda provides as the reference for the transaction. Usage of personalised references, including those which allude to the service being of an intimate nature, will result in the booking being immediately terminated.

Amanda runs a streamlined business-booking system and appreciates adherence to her systems and processes at all times.  

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Amanda Valentina