Amanda Valentina Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q. I would like to make a booking with Amanda – what should I do?

A. Send Amanda a booking enquiry via SMS or email only. Be polite, respectful and include particulars such as your name, location, age and profession. Amanda appreciates being provided with as much information as possible to facilitate an easy booking process. Amanda may also ask to speak with you over the telephone – a lovely way to become acquainted prior to meeting in person. Amanda does not accept enquiry via any social media DMs or third-party apps. 

Q. I would like to send Amanda a photo of myself – should I do so?

A. Amanda in some instances may ask you to send a photo for verification purposes. This is typically requested with short-notice requests or when meeting abroad. Unless requested, it is not necessary for you to send a photograph of yourself. Additionally, under no circumstances does Amanda wish to view your appendage. Unsolicited photos of this nature will result in you being blocked and/or reported immediately. Sending photographs of your genitals is gross, exhibitionistic and juvenile behaviour. 

Q. Why do I have to pay a deposit?

A. Payment of a deposit confirms that you are a legitimate client who respects business process and protocol. Payment of a deposit demonstrates that you intend on honouring the scheduled booking commitment. Amanda has a strict no deposit = no booking policy. That means she will disengage with anyone who demonstrates an unwillingness to adhere to this process. Deposits are to be paid directly into Amanda Valentina’s company account and within ten minutes of the booking particulars being agreed upon.

Q. Is my deposit refundable if I change my mind, cancel or fail to show up to the scheduled appointment? Also, what will happen to my deposit if Amanda cancels our scheduled meeting?

A. A change of mind, unforeseen circumstance or failure to attend the scheduled appointment immediately results in the forfeiture of your deposit. In the unlikely event that Amanda has to cancel the scheduled arrangement, a full refund will be made within 72 hours of your bank details being provided. Alternatively, should you be happy to reschedule, Amanda will credit the amount paid towards a mutually agreed-upon time, date and venue. 

Q. Who else is privy to my personal details and enquiry correspondence?

A. Amanda is a self-managed, independent, touring escort with no affiliation to an agency, management team or third-party operator. Amanda manages every aspect of her business, including mentoring, enquiries, cash handling and all bank reconciliations. Amanda manages her own social-media accounts — Twitter, Instagram and Facebook — and engages with her followers regularly on open social-media forum. 

Amanda does not share your personal particulars with anyone; all devices are password protected and/or facial recognition secured. Amanda has met and travelled with corporate, internationally known and/or celebrity figure profiles, and will enter into NDA arrangements for peace of mind and maintaince of privacy, if requested. 

Amanda has successfully fostered long-standing, professional relationships with clients, many whom she met at the commencement of her independent journey in 2016. She maintains good relations and regular contact with her previous employers in the corporate sector. Amanda prides herself on having integrity and maintaining the strictest of confidentiality at all times.

Q: Does Amanda work intimately with other industry providers?

A. Amanda works exclusively with Ashton Avenue. Kindly contact Amanda for further information, bearing in mind that Amanda will want to speak with you before any booking particulars are confirmed. 

Q: Does Amanda cater to role, fetish or fantasy-play requests?

A: Amanda adores bookings of a kinky nature and welcomes the opportunity to share these experiences with you. Please note, however, that it is imperative that you send a clear and detailed description of your booking requirements at the outset of your enquiry. Yes and no answers will be provided as a reply, and at no stage will this exchange become a personalised, erotic-fantasy novel. Please understand that whilst Amanda enjoys this aspect of her work, she is acutely aware that this client demographic also has a reputation for being notorious time wasters who attempt to extract immediate relief services by way of dialogue.

Q: Does Amanda offer social dates?

A: Amanda offers social dates that are typically of a culinary nature. Amanda also enjoys social companionship theatre/movie/music performance arrangements, as well as sports and recreation dates. 

Q: Does Amanda see special needs or disabled clients? 

A: Amanda has long-term existing clients with whom who she has enjoyed many hours of social companionship and intimate fun. Amanda is familiar with the necessary requirements of wheelchair-accessible clients; in fact, one of her longstanding professional relationships is with someone who requires special consideration of these needs. 

Q: Is Amanda available to travel for domestic and international Fly Me To You (FMTY) arrangements?

A: Fly Me To You arrangements are considered and priced on application. Please send Amanda an email with all the necessary information she will require in order to process your Fly Me To You request. Please also note that due to the number of time-wasting enquiries, Amanda will always ask to speak to you in the first instance prior to engaging in a lengthy exchange of dialogue. Please also note that a 70% deposit is required to be paid in advance for all FMTY arrangements.

Q: Does Amanda travel (tour) regularly?

A: Amanda travels frequently within Australia and New Zealand and is a Platinum Frequent Flyer with Qantas. When Amanda advertises her travel schedule, existing arrangements with regular clients are already in place; therefore it means limited availability for other booking requests. Amanda has a strict health and lifestyle regimen — healthy diet, exercise, administration, gastronomy, etc. and does not sit around waiting for the phone to ring to accomodate last minute play dates.

Q: How can I expect Amanda to be dressed if I am to request her company for a social, lunch or dinner date booking?

A: Amanda dresses impeccably at all times, wearing only boutique and/or designer label dresses. Amanda has a selection of luxury designer handbags and shoes; however she can dress to a particular taste upon request. While Amanda enjoys dressing up for special-occasion gastronomy dates, she is equally as comfortable wearing casual-smart attire for low-key social dates.

Q: I really enjoy Amanda’s company and feel that our connection is ‘unique’ and ‘special’. Is Amanda interested in dating, or having coffee or dinner outside of our professional engagement?

A: Amanda’s priority is her business, therefore, she does not date or do romance outside of her professional commitments. Encroaching on Amanda’s personal time or space by attempting to stay over the paid booking time and/or asking her to spend unpaid time with you will result in Amanda ending all relations moving forward.

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