Amanda Valentina | Multi-Award-Winning Escort Mentor | Business Coach | Escort Management Consultant | Australia | New Zealand

Amanda Valentina is a trusted adult industry professional who maintains a discreet and confidential business management system. Amanda is a well-known independent escort and escort mentor, whose clientele comprise of respected professionals from all industry segments. Amanda’s long-standing clientele respect and appreciate the way in which she operates her business which is why they’ve continued to engage her professional services over the years. Amanda’s clientele are predominantly long-term, repeat business ‘regulars’ who value discretion, privacy and mutual trust. 

Amanda’s clientele can feel confident that any knowledge of personal, familial, financial and/or professional information she may have, including former or existing terms of engagement, will be vigorously maintained and kept in strict confidence. Amanda Valentina does not, and will not, comment on matters of public media interest or click-bait scandal, therefore, is unwilling to speak with podcasters, journalists, researchers, documentary film-makers, television networks, or media outlets – under any circumstances. Amanda does not have history of courting media attention, or being embroiled in a media scandal or story, and will decline invitations to contribute or comment accordingly. Should you recognise and approach Amanda in a public or personal setting, you will be ignored. 

Amanda is extremely protective of her privacy and professional reputation, and is a face-in escort, meaning she does not display her full face on her social media or website. It’s important to acknowledge that Amanda travels frequently and any unwelcome attention poses a threat to her emotional, financial and physical well-being. Adult industry professionals have a right to privacy; to feel safe before, during and after any professional engagement, and in going about their day-to-day personal life in general. Amanda has no interest in being a celebrity figure; she simply wants to do her job safely. 

This means that any person found to be asking probing questions, or linking Amanda to scandalous online articles will be blocked and if during one-on-one, in-person circumstances, will have the booking terminated, effective immediately. Additionally, the usage of mobile phones and/or other devices are not permitted during intimate or escort mentoring bookings, unless otherwise authorised by Amanda. Amanda’s interest is to protect the privacy and personal safety of both herself and any client she has shared a former or existing professional relationship with. She will ignore requests from media outlets to comment on scandalous and/or legal matters pertaining to those she may have shared a professional relationship with.

The adult industry is not without its safety challenges and Amanda will vigorously defend her right to discretion with her legal name and place of abode.  Any person or entity who challenges this entitlement by disclosing or publishing her personal details in the public domain will be dealt with to the fullest extent the law permits. 


Furthermore, any person found to be asking probing questions pertaining to third parties or industry associates, or linking Amanda to public or social media articles, will be blocked or have your booking terminated effectively immediately. Amanda’s priority is to carry out her personal and professional commitments in a safe and uninterrupted manner. It’s important to note that Amanda travels frequently and that any unwelcome media attention poses a threat to her emotional, financial and physical well-being. Adult industry professionals have every right to feel safe; to maintain privacy and anonymity, and to live their lives in uninterrupted peace and quiet. Kindly respect Amanda’s choice to keep a low-profile and avoid the spotlight of media attention.








Amanda Valentina