Travel Schedule 


Perth: 7-12/11 – Ashton Avenue (Limited Availability)

Sydney: 13-19/11 – Ashton Avenue (Limited Availability)

Melbourne: 20-30/11 – Ashton Avenue 

Melbourne: 1-6/12 – Ashton Avenue 

Canberra: 7-10/12 

Melbourne: 11-16/12 – Ashton Avenue 

Sydney: 17-19/12 – Ashton Avenue (Limited Availability)

Melbourne: 20-31/12

Melbourne: 1-24/01/23 – Ashton Avenue 

Sydney: 25/1-2/2 – Ashton Avenue (up until 29/1)

Newcastle: 3-7/2 – Solo

Melbourne: 8-28/2 – Solo 

Hobart: 1-4/3 – Solo 

Sydney: 5-10/3 – Solo

Melbourne: 11-22/3 – Solo 

Napier: 23-25/3 – Ashton Avenue

Wellington: 26-31/3 – Ashton Avenue 

Auckland: 1-5/4 – Ashton Avenue 

Melbourne: 6-31/4 – Ashton Avenue 

Hobart: 1-4/5 – Ashton Avenue 

Sydney: 5-9/5 – Ashton Avenue 

Canberra: 10-12/5 – Solo

Perth: 13-17/5 – Ashton Avenue 

Melbourne: 18-30/5 – Ashton Avenue  


Fly Me To You (FMTY) available for both domestic and international travel during periods where Amanda and Ashton are in Melbourne. Please direct all booking enquiry to Amanda via her mobile in the first instance +61 (0)475 999 555, or email:

Amanda Valentina is an independent escort and escort mentor based in Melbourne, Victoria, when not touring. In order to secure a date with Amanda independently, or with Amanda and Ashton, a pre-booking and deposit are required for all new and exisiting clients. Amanda highly recommends that all prospective clients acquaint themselves with her Deposit Policy prior to making contact. Kindly note that a payment of a deposit is non-negotiable.

New Zealand bookings also require payment of deposit to secure a booking with Amanda which can be paid into a New Zealand business banking account or via purchase of an online e-gift card. Amanda does not meet with those unwilling to make payment of a deposit and will swiftly disenage should you raise objection to, or fail to adhere to her strict deposit timeline.

All booking enquiries with regard to Ashton Avenue are to be directed to Amanda Valentina via SMS only. 

No WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram enquiries will be entertained. Amanda does not do business via third party apps or social media under any circumstances; including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Amanda manages all business related enquiry in a streamlined, professional and straight forward manner. 

Please ensure you put your best foot forward when initiating contact with Amanda at all times.

Amanda Valentina